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What We Do

In achieving the mission CELCOR has two main program sections: The Legal Section and the Advocacy Legal Education Section that ensure rural-based communities in Papua New Guinea are empowered with their legal environmental rights.

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Community Legal Education Workshop

The main aim of the program is for local communities to be empowered in making informed decisions on sustainable resource use & management through campaign, advocacy and legal education and collaborative partnership. The program targets communities in mostly resource development project areas, as well as areas of the potential of proposed resource development.

Workshops involve week-long interactive sessions, facilitated in remote areas of the 9 target provinces in which CELCOR works in.  Areas of intervention are identified upon request from partner CBOs, NGOs, Government partners (Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority).

Para – Legal Training

Paralegal training aims to train selected individuals in communities, CBO and NGO partners preferably those who have participated in community legal education workshops, to become paralegals in the community.  Their training will enable them to assist CELCORs lawyer in gathering information in aid to active cases, as well as know the relative information required in taking up legal action.

Local-Level Government Workshop

CELCOR facilitates LLG workshops participants mainly being ward councillors.  Workshops are run on both natural resource laws as and laws respective to the functions and responsibilities of the LLG.  CELCOR also assists LLGs to formulate relevant laws for the protection of communal rights and the environment at the local level

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The Legal Section has two distinct programmes that run parallel together. The first one is the Direct Legal Assistance (DLA) and the second is the Policy, Research & Law Reform (PRLR). The overall objective of both programmes is to provide tailor made legal expertise to affected communities and partner organisations when there is conflict in the management of natural resources which in turn disadvantages the local communities’ livelihood.

  1. Direct Legal Assistance (DLA)

The core function of the DLA is to provide free legal assistance and support to landowners, NGOs and CBOs in defending their community based property rights and the environment. DLA is the foundation on which CELCOR’s existence is established which is to operate as a legal not for profit environmental law organisation.

DLA is further classified into two (2) components.

  • Legal Patrol

The purpose of the legal patrol is twofold. It is to filter out genuine claims or reports by landowners on the environmental impact caused by large scale resource development projects and to provide case status reports to clients for matters already in Court and request for additional instructions/evidence on an as and when required basis for litigation purposes.

  • Litigation

Once genuine claims are identified and pose as having legal implications, the claim may be filed in Court for litigation purposes to be represented by Celcor lawyers.

  1. Policy Research & Law Reform (PRLR)

This programme focuses on researching, analysing and contributing to the development of national policies that are relevant to environmental protection, sustainable resource development, biodiversity conservation and the protection and promotion of community based rights.

Under this component of DLA, CELCOR has worked in collaboration with various Local Level Governments (LLGs) to formulate basic laws for the protection of communal rights and the environment at the LLG level and intends to target the Provincial Governments on the same.